Great App to Keep Student Records

Saturday, November 19, 2016

One of the most important responsibilities for instructors is to safely keep current training records of all students who train with us. This app is ideal for smaller dojos, larger dojos would need a process to regularly share the information across instructors.
While we have printed record books available to all dojos there is a shift toward electronic record keeping so I decided to see what was available to electronically keep records of student training history. Over the course of about three weeks, I trialled around ten different free and purchased apps, to see how they managed the details and how well they worked on my iPhone and iPad. I use the phone to log class attendance and class payment records.

All of the trialled apps were created for the educational market, mainly for teachers to record class attendance. Of those trialled only one stood out as being flexible enough for me to record an Aikido class attendance. I’ve been using Attendance Manager (AM) for about a year and it has proved to be invaluable as a method of keeping track of training records and student class fees. With the v.2 update you sign up for a US$35 annual subscription and the data is automatically stored in the clouds. Click here to download full review with images of v.1. There is no review of v.2 yet, due to the limitations of my iPhone. The daily operation seems to be the same, the biggest change is in the back-up, DropBox support is no longer available.

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