Q&A about the new online form procedure!

18 Feb, 2017
As we start to use the new online system a number of questions have been posed by individuals about how it all works. To help everyone become more familiar with the process here is a Question & Answer on some of the most regular queries.

Can new students assume their membership is processed immediately once they have completed the process online and completed EFT or credit card details?
The online form and payment is the start of the membership process, just like completing the old paper form was. The national registrar is immediately notified when a form has been completed and then loads all those details into the national database. No new membership is really final until it has been ratified by the AKA board. A new student can assume everything is OK with their membership application, unless they hear differently from the registrar.

Do new students receive acknowledgement by email?
What will be the best way for them to show us proof of membership?
On completion of an application form the new student receives an immediate receipt, which they can bring along as proof of payment, or if they nominated EFT, it is a promise of payment. The webmaster endeavours to email to each relevant Dojo a copy of the notification we receive which lists all the details of the new student. This is a backup for the instructor.

What will be the way for members to log on?
When a new student joins they immediately create a contact profile on the website and get to load their own choice of password. For existing members, we brought across their details from the national database, to login they need to use the email address they supplied to us and the starting password is their membership number. This web profile is only for contact details and to facilitate online payments, the ndb remains the official record repository.
Note: Some existing student details were not loaded fully, but it only takes a moment for this to be corrected, notify mail@aikido.org.au if you have an issue.
Is there an ‘instructor site’ with separate log on details?
There is a secure instructors' zone and to login we have to give you access. The transfer of records from the ndb occurred end of December and we loaded all the identified and active instructors at that time. Again, if an instructor can't login it takes just a moment to fix, as long as they are officially recognised as an appointed instructor. Same login details as for a standard member.

At the end of the financial year, will there be a ‘grace period’ allowing ongoing training with insurance cover and once a student becomes ‘non-financial’, how will instructors verify they have re-enrolled?
The web profiles remain active until the national registrar manually inactivates them. This would be at the same time as a record in the ndb is moved into the inactive category. Which means that past the end of the financial year a member can still login to their profile and renew their membership. They then receive an email receipt which can be produced at the Dojo. The national registrar will continue to monitor renewals and after a period of grace send around lists to all branches of people who have not renewed but are believed to still be training. It is imperative for legal and medical reasons that a student is financial.

If you have any questions regarding the new procedure don't hesitate to contact mail@aikido.org.au!

5 Jan, 2017    Oh, oh! We found a hitch!
We exported out of the national db three batches of data, instructors, Family memberships and the Rest. This was based on those who were marked as ‘Active’ as of 17 December 2016.

The national database remains our prime source of member information for training, grading and financial status. The profiles on our website are to facilitate the payment of memberships, purchasing of products and, in the future, registration to certain events. The web profiles allow members to easily inform us of updates to their personal details when renewing memberships. Whenever a profile is amended the national registrar receives an email confirming those details so the national db can be updated.

When we brought across some 1000 member records they were automatically loaded into the web database and certain fields had to be filled for the member to be able to log in to their web profile. This didn’t happen in all cases, some records were dropped off, some were partially completed. We have done a random search through the web profiles and didn’t locate any errors, however we know that some have occurred.

If any member is having difficulties logging into their profile, send an email to mail@aikido.org.au and the chances are we will be able to take care of it very quickly. We believe there will be a short spate of these issues over the next few months until everyone of our existing, active members has an operational web profile.

If you are having any other issues with the website, please let us know via the same email address!


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