Great NEW SHIPPING Rates for Training Gear

Custom made for Aiki Kai Australia

An inexpensive range of training gear for new Aikido students is now available. We have also added Australia Post Australia-wide shipping bags to our shipping options! When ordering just a uniform, for instance, this is less expensive than a 'mixed order' of long weapon(s) and a uniform delivered via courier service. 2 uniforms fit in a 5kg bag, we have 500g and 3kg bags as well, depending on the dimensions and weight of the ordered items. A uniform will not fit in a 3kg bag, sorry.

At the annual AGM in January Aiki Kai Australia announced it would be releasing a range of Aikido specific training gear. The idea behind this was to make available to new students a complete set of Aikido specific training equipment for as reasonable a cost as possible. The target was to supply a dogi (uniform), set of bokken and jo plus a weapons bag for around $140, plus delivery. Up until now there have been no Aikido dogi available in Australia and the ones imported from Japan start at over $200 each, plus delivery! With around 1200 members the association considered we might have sufficient numbers to warrant making our own dogi and at a reasonable price. The range includes a standard and a premium weave dogi, cut for Aikido training, with longer body length, wider across the chest and shorter sleeves. Even the the pants have been upgraded to include padding down the length of the leg, not just around the knees.

There are two types of weapons bags available. A simple sheath with a fold over top and ties, that will hold four long weapons and you can keep your tanto in the top fold pocket. The premium weapons bag comes in a much stronger canvas material, very solid leather protective base and a clever external zip pocket to store your tanto. The bag will hold four long weapons and the top folds over or can be extended to take a jo up to 150cm in length. The bag is easily accessed via a velcro closure.

For our Juniors we will have a full range of the coloured belts which are part of our Junior grading syllabus.

All the items in our store are heavily supported by the association to make them as affordable as possible. Aiki Kai Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, any revenue from the sale of this training gear range remains within the organisation and will help us to keep membership fees down as low as possible, whilst our members end up with quality training equipment at a very reasonable rate.

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Price Guideline inc GST    
Aikidogi standard weave $72.00  
Aikidogi premium weave $95.00  
Premium weapons bag $42.00  
Standard weapons bag $19.95  
Hardwood quality bokken $37.50  
Red oak bokken
Red oak jo
Red oak tanto
Delivery is not included in the above prices



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