Hakama bag - New addition to the range!

Custom made for Aiki Kai Australia

We have just received stocks for the newest addition to our range of custom made products - hakama storage bags. These items are very popular in Japan to securely store your neatly folded hakama and belt in your training bag! While they keep items nice and safely folded the cotton material also allows them to air after a hard session. As the hakama and belt are neatly packed in the hakama bag this makes it easy to sort through your training bag. The bag comes with two closure buttons to allow for different hakama sizes, the lower button is perfect for standard weight hakamas and the top button is for very heavy weight hakamas. The bags are held closed using a loop over the buttons. They come with a durable navy cotton exterior and a black cotton blend lining inside.

These bags make ideal, inexpensive gifts for Aikido friends!
They are also excellent for storing that favourite hakama which you keep for special occasions. They are a much better choice than a plastic bag as, they allow the hakama material to breathe but still keep the moths at bay. 

Specifications: 36.5cm x 23.5cm x 8cm.

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