OK to Renew Membership for F2018

Membership fee tables have been updated

Please go ahead and renew your membership for F2018 (financial year 2017-2018), the fee tables on the website have been updated with the new figures, although it must be said it is a very marginal increase.   

We would like to really encourage everyone, if at all possible, to adopt the new online system as it makes the administration process so much easier to manage!

If you have any difficulties logging in email us at mail@aikido.org.au and we can usually fix the issue very quickly.

To renew your membership now follow this link: http://www.aikido.org.au/members-login

Best wishes to all,
Kathy McCarthy 
National Registrar

For new students, please be aware that all members of the association renew their membership at the beginning of each financial year.


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