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Friday 8 January - Monday 11 January 2021
An interesting and informative combination of Zoom classes and state/territory based group training

The 3 Trustees* of Aiki Kai Australia will lead the training 

Tony Smibert Shihan Robert Botterill Shihan       Hanan Janiv Shihan

During the Covid-19 crisis we have faced many challenges both in an Aikido training sense as well as with work and family life. The mixed health regulations across the country only add to the complexity of running a Summer School in these conditions. With travel restrictions in place and uncertainty of how many people can gather in one location for face-to-face, close contact training, we are forced to create an event that immediately alters what we've done in the past.

For instance, the nationally broadcast classes will operate over 5 different time zones. Instead of everyone in one location, we have separate groups congregating across the country. Some people will be able to train with others in a dojo while some may only be able to train alone at home or at a safe distance outside.

Despite these setbacks we are still planning on providing a really interesting series of Aikido classes that will challenge you physically, mentally or both at the same time! Some classes will have you working your heart out while other will provide a deep, mental stimulation.

Tony Smibert Shihan, 7th Dan, Robert Botterill Shihan, 7th Dan and Hanan Janiv Shihan, 7th Dan will all conduct Zoom classes from their various states and territory locations in the morning sessions, immediately followed by other members of the TTC.

In the afternoons we will broadcast highly active Zoom classes run by senior grades but each state/territory may provide alternative live dojo or group training, depending on local restrictions. Please check with your dojo instructor/manager what's happening in your location.

* For newer students who are unaware of what this title means, on his passing Sugano Shihan, who founded Aiki Kai Australia back in 1965, specifically entrusted the care and control of the association in the hands of these three people. This is following the age old tradition of passing along the stewardship of a martial school on the passing of the existing head person.

Smibert Shihan provides some inspirational words on
the how and why of this particular Summer School

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Registration fee for training 

Due to the financial strain that some people may be facing the fees have been set a very reasonable rate for the four days.

The fee covers all nationally broadcast Zoom classes over the 4 days
Access to additional pre-recorded classes for the event by international instructors, available on Monday
Access to the Zoom 'after party' on the Sunday night
Receive credit for training at a National Summer School (if you follow the online requirements)


Registration levels:

Adult member of Aiki Kai Australia $60

Junior member of Aiki Kai Australia $10

Hardship or International visitor AUD$30

6th Dan or above $20


Payment this year is via credit card or bank transfer only. We don't have the capacity to accept and coordinate cash payments in all the various states and territories. 

Bank transfer details
Account Name: Aiki Kai (Australia) National Aikido Australia Inc,
Commonwealth Bank of Australia BSB-063 233 / Account No. 1009 0052

Once you register...

We will send a list of registrants pertinent to each state/territory.

Closer to the event you will receive via email the Zoom login details to allow you to attend any of the Zoom classes. In the meantime, if you haven't already, you should download the Zoom app to your computer/phone/mobile device and become familiar with the 'Join' button of that app. The app works much better than using the Zoom web browser login option.

Also, check with your instructor as to what live classes may possibly be held in your location as part of this event. Plus any local requirements for gathering or recording attendance at live classes.

Training Schedule

DRAFT Training schedule

Please be aware this schedule may change at anytime.

Party night!

Must register by 5 January to receive the access information for the Zoom sessions or attend the local live classes

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