Size 2 added to Aikido uniform range!

Standard weave size 2 NOW IN STOCK

Size 2 now added to both our premium & standard weave Aikidogi range!

Many members have been asking for size 2 to be added to the range and shipments have just arrived. With this latest shipment it means we now have a full range of sizes again, from 2 - 6 in Aikidogi uniforms. 

The measurements for both weaves have been increased slightly, based on comments from students the uniforms will be 3 cm wider and longer in the body, a centimetre longer in the sleeve and the collar will be reduced in width and softened just a little. Sizes 4 & 5 have just arrived in the slightly bigger measurements, other sizes will be increased as we reorder in the next few months. We would be pleased to get feedback from students after they have the chance to try out the updated versions -


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