AKA Secure connection across the whole site

Entire website moved to secure connection

Over the last 12 months we have had about 6 instances where members who were logging in to our member zone found that the system had not connected them using an https secure connection but had somehow reverted to the standard http connection. To prevent this misconnection we have now moved the entire site to an https connection, which means the moment you land on our URL www.aikido.org.au you will have a secure connection which should look like this https://www.aikido.org.au/index.htm, or something like this -  https://aikido-national.businesscatalyst.com/news-and-events/aka-secure-log-in.

If you are in any doubt, you can always check the address at the top of your web browser which should show a lock icon and the word 'Secure' followed by the URL starting 'https://'. You will see a different URL from the ones mentioned above if you are logged into the more secure member zone -  https://aikido-national.worldsecuresystems.com/members-login.

Going forward, if for any reason you don't see the lock icon and the word 'Secure', don't make a credit card payment, take a screen shot if you can and notify us at mail@aikido.org.au.




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