Note on Injuries occurring at SS2018

Note on actions following an injury of a member during the 2018 Summer School

Aiki Kai (Australia) National Aikido Association Inc (Aiki Kai ) stands strongly for the principles set out in our moral code. Those principles include respect for our seniors and taking care of our juniors.

We take safety very seriously and have in place measures to minimise the risks of injury to all members. This has been the case for over 50 years, and our exemplary record very much supports this, with no trainees ever having made a claim against our public liability insurance.

At our Summer School in Melbourne this year, some trainees were injured. As is our standard practice we have notified our insurance broker of these injuries. One of the injuries notified to our insurance broker has been referred to our insurer and it has exercised its right of subrogation, which is to step into Aiki Kai’s shoes. As the insurers are involved it is not possible for Aiki Kai take any further steps to deal with the matter internally at this time – save that we continue to express our sympathies to the injured and offer our assistance in any way we are reasonably able.

The risk of injury is generally seen as inherent in all martial arts. Nonetheless, Aiki Kai remains committed to ensuring that such risk is kept at an absolute minimum. It looks forward to resolving this recent incident appropriately, with fairness and integrity to all concerned, and without compromising its obligations under the insurance policy which remains in force for the benefit of Aiki Kai and all of its members.

Board of Aiki Kai Australia



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