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World Combat Games - Riyadh 2023

Tom Mason represented Aiki Kai Australia.

Tom Mason (Nidan) attended the World Combat Games in Riyadh recently in October 2023, including participating in fundamentals demonstration. The World Combat Games, an international multi-sport festival bringing together ancient traditions, exciting competitions and sport demonstrations, will feature 16 combat sports, including Aikido, martial arts competitions, sports demonstrations and educational conferences hosted by leading martial arts experts. Tune in from Oct 20 to Oct 30 for the games!

At the age of 8, Tom began his martial arts journey, dedicating many years to training in Karate. He achieved success in competitions at both state and national levels before deciding to pursue a more budo-oriented style of martial training. 

In 2008, Tom's Aikido journey began, and he has never looked back. After attending one of John Rockstrom Shihan's classes, where Uke was attacking Nage with a tanto, he knew where he belonged. He signed up instantly to attend the next class. Tom continues to eagerly study and occasionally instruct under Rockstrom Shihan. 

He has trained at both national events and abroad, with a notable short stay at Hombu Dojo in Japan, a highlight in his Aikido training.

Aiki Kai Australia has been contributing to and sending representatives to the World Combat Games since the inaugural games in 2010. Pictured here is Jikou Sugano, Tristan Derham, and Julie Boydell at the 2018 Games.

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