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Full range of premium & standard weave Aikidogi!

We supply the only full range of both premium weave and standard weave Aikido keikogi (uniforms) in the country.

For those not familiar with Aikidogi, they are a larger cut than Judogi and our uniforms were modelled on the best brands available from Japan.

As these are cotton products there is some shrinkage, which means the jacket may feel 'oversize' when new to allow for that shrinkage. Normal washing will reduce it to the stated size.

The longer length of an Aikidogi inhibits the jacket from pulling out of the hakama and the shorter sleeve allows you to easily hold the wrist area. The jackets fit snugly right across the body and are not meant to gape in the middle like Judogi.

The pants have double padding right down the leg length for extra knee protection. New buyers beware, only the jackets come in sizes, the pants are all one length and may have to be taken up.

We are always pleased to receive feedback from students on these uniforms, as they are custom made for us -


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