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Aiki Kai Australia

National Aikido Association of Australia



This dojo is part of the national network of Aiki Kai Australia dojos.

VISITORS WELCOME!     Please arrive before the class starts.

Dojo Contact Info

  • Tony Neil
  • Devonport Recreation Centre, 30 Forbes St, Devonport
  • 03 6424 2628 or 0417 342 355

Our Classes

Tuesday6:00pm – 7:30pmGeneral class
Thursday6:00pm – 7:30pmGeneral class

Class Notes
Notes: Classes sometimes start late because the previous group finish late. The classes are Aiki Kai classes even though there is an old sign saying Tomiki-Ryu. 

Andrew Ross Sensei, 6th Dan 
Tony Neil, 2nd Dan 
Lance Wilson, 2nd Dan 
Scott Munday, 1st Dan 

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