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Aiki Kai Australia

National Aikido Association of Australia




Doshu (World head of Aikikai Aikido), Ueshiba Moriteru, teaching at an Aiki Kai Australia national event


TTC Weekends in August

Coming Soon

Location - Event Details

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Location- Event Details

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Location - Event Details

Thinking of Visiting Hombu Dojo?

                   Contact us first!
Hombu dojo has changed the way they accept foreign students who wish to train there for short periods of time.

News & 

Aiki Kai Australia Newsletters

Read Musubi HERE

Vol 3 July 2024 Edition out Now!

The latest edition of the Aiki Kai Australia newsletter "Musubi" is out now. With lots of great articles, including the recent Summer Summer School in Tasmania. Take a moment to read Musubi.

Aiki Kai Australia

Statement of Principles
and TTC Regulations

In order to clarify the Role of Aiki Kai Australia instructors and senior dan holders The Sugano Foundation Trustees have issued the following Statement of Principles. They have also asked the TTC to publish clear regulations based on them. Any queries should be directed to Marie Petery Sensei, National Area Representative. 

IAF Summit 2024

September 30th - October 6th

Yoyogi Olympic Centre Tokyo

IAF Summit 2024 Poster

Global Inner Aikido School

"Study and Friendship"

Maredsous Abbey, Wallonia Belgium

18-25 August, 2024

Inner School Poster

Aiki Kai Australia Hierarchy & the Member Protection Policy (MPP)

An important update for all members has been released by The Aiki Kai Australia Technical and Teaching Committee (TTC). All Members are encouraged to read this notice MORE...

Ray Oldman Promoted to 7th Dan

After 52 years of continuous training, Oldman Shihan achieved the rank of 7th Dan in January 2024. ‘Uncle Ray’ Sensei, as he’s better known, serves as an inspiration to us all. He teaches regularly at Clifton Hill dojo, and is present at most Special Days and TTC weekends in Victoria. MORE...

Aiki Kai Australia launched its national attendance app at Summer School in early 2023. The new app allows for all dojos to log the daily attendance of every AKA student plus attendance at state and national events! 

What's more it allows everyone to see their own training record and even supplies a personal report of how many training days each student has accrued since their last grading. Go here for more details of how to download the app plus PDF and video guides on how to use it.

Summer School 2024
Dan grade promotions

1st degree blackbelt:       
Camille Berthelier (NT)

Borath En (VIC)

2nd degree blackbelt:            
Ferran Barbena-Pous (VIC)
Dominique Perrotin (QLD)

Yusuke Sato (VIC)

3rd degree blackbelt:           
Slava Barouline (ACT)

Chris Bligh (QLD)

Chris Jones (TAS)
Mark McLaughlin (NT)

Lance Wilson (TAS)

Promotions at Kagamibiraki:

5th degree blackbelt:

Joseph Giovinazzo (VIC)

7th degree blackbelt:

Ray Oldman (VIC)


View still images and illustrations of the various pins & grips we use

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Low-cost Uniform for Kids

Due to the rapidly rising numbers of children joining our classes across the country, we have made available a low-cost, beginners uniform for the smaller kids. Check it out in our Shop. They can be easily mailed anywhere across Australia!

What is 

The Japanese martial art of Aikido is a comprehensive system of throwing, joint-locking and pinning techniques based on a philosophy of non-aggression. Aiki Kai Australia is an association based on the style of a traditional Japanese martial school.

Aikido is not a sport


Aikido has many physical and psychological benefits. The versatility of the art makes it ideal for students of all ages.


Aikido really does try to train without the over use of physical strength, which is the reason why males and females can work together equally.

When joining a martial school the student takes on a completely different attitude to exercise than if you were joining a gym.


Aikido is a Way

There is commitment and there is obligation
Do not abuse or misuse the art of Aikido
Study carefully, honestly and humbly
Respect your seniors 
Take care of your juniors 
                                   Seiichi Sugano 8th Dan

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