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The Sugano Foundation

Sugano Sensei established his Foundation in the last years of his life and gave it his personal authority to maintain his Aikido heritage under the direction of three Trustees (Tony Smibert Shihan, Robert Botterill Shihan and Hanan Janiv Shihan). They are assisted by a board comprising of individuals who have given distinguished service to Aikido and they regularly meet with a Forum comprising senior dan holders and Area Representatives of Aiki Kai Australia. 

Under Aiki Kai Australia’s constitution, its members also register as students of The Sugano Foundation. The most senior - 6th and 7th dans - are recognised as Fellows of the Foundation, who hold a vast storehouse of knowledge, experience, study and effort contributing to Sugano Sensei’s heritage. Supporting them in their study, connection and teaching are the 5th dans and Area Representatives of Aiki Kai Australia. Sugano Shihan’s Foundation is a vital part of a wide family of students. He contributed to the lives of people in many countries, and in support of this the Trustees accept many invitations to teach overseas as well as inviting international teachers to come to Australia. 

Foundation activities to date have included sponsoring Aiki Kai Australia TTC (Technical and Teaching Committee) visits across the country, publishing of books, brochures, videos, a documentary and assisting Fellows of the Foundation to attend national seminars. The Sugano Foundation has also provided assistance to Aiki Kai Australia’s 50th Anniversary Summer School with Doshu in 2015 and Next Generation Summer School with Hombu Dojo-cho, Ueshiba Mitsuteru Sensei, in 2017. 

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