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Introducing Hombu Instructor

Suzuki Toshio, Shihan, 6th Dan.

Introducing guest instructor at the upcoming Aiki Kai Australia 2024 Winter School in Sydney, Suzuki Toshio 6th Dan Shihan Instructor • Hombu Dojo

Winter School is traditionally a memorable and slightly smaller event than our National Summer School, with a more intimate setting, some colder weather, and energetic training! Our National Events are an opportunity twice per year where students from all over the country train together. Held over six days in July, Winter School offers dozens of classes, taught by our most senior instructors and our Guest Instructor.

Suzuki Shihan is part of a younger generation of instructors at the Hombu dojo in Tokyo and is known for his energetic and dynamic teaching.

He began practicing Aikido at the age of 7 at his local dojo then by the age of 17 was training at Hombu dojo and within 12 months became determined to be a full-time Aikido instructor.

Suzuki Shihan has often been uke for Doshu and Dojocho at demonstrations in Japan and around the world as well as at special occasions like those conducted at the Aiki shrine in Iwama, In 2015, he accompanied Doshu to our 50th anniversary Summer School and in 2017 accompanied Dojo Cho Mitsuteru Ueshiba to our Summer School.

In 2018, he was our guest instructor at Winter School, where his dynamic and thoughtful teaching quickly engaged everyone.

Suzuki Toshio Shihan, 6th Dan

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